Best-Selling Author Larry Correia Joins Mission: VALOR National Advisory Board


Press Release 16-1


Best-Selling Author Larry Correia Joins

Mission: VALOR National Advisory Board


New York Times best-selling American fantasy novelist Larry Correia has joined the Mission: VALOR National Advisory Board to help promote the charity and to support Operation Audie, its film and television focus area. Known for his popular “Monster Hunter International” series, Larry has recently launched his new “Son of the Black Sword” series.


“I’m looking forward to helping out as I can,” states Larry.  “America owes everything to its veterans. I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for their sacrifices. If in some small way I can help one of our vets in his civilian career, I’m glad to do it.”


Before becoming a major author, Larry worked as an accountant, a CCW instructor, a gun-store owner, and as a military contractor focusing on financial management. In addition to the series noted above, he also has written the “Hard Magic” series of books. He has published ten novels, and is currently under contract for 16 more.


“Larry brings not only a strong financial background to share with Mission: VALOR,” notes CEO C. Blake Powers, “but also a strong commitment to and understanding of our troops and veterans. We look forward to his sharing his knowledge with us, and promise his many readers – many of us here among them – that his efforts on our behalf will not delay or interfere with his work as an author.”


“I had the pleasure of meeting Larry in Atlanta this past fall, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s joining our cause,” says Mike Lermon, lead for Operation Audie.  “He’s someone who cares deeply about our veterans, and particularly about creating the kinds of opportunities that we’re seeking in Operation Audie.  He’s someone who has worked alongside many veterans before achieving literary stardom, and he understands exactly what they bring to the table in Film & TV or any other industry that sees the wisdom in bringing them on board.”


Operation Audie, named in honor of veteran and film star Audie Murphy, is Mission: VALOR’s film & television focus area. It is dedicated to helping troops and veterans find move into jobs in film & television production, direction, and acting. Initial operations and development have begun in Georgia as Task Force DeForrest, named for veteran and actor DeForrest Kelly – a Georgia native.


Mission: VALOR is a 501(c)(3) charity focused on practical solutions to the crisis in veteran employment. The goal is to bridge the gaps in the system, and to assist veterans entering the civilian job market through internships, practicums, and mentors.  In the process, we also hope to provide them, their families, and our wounded veterans with whole life wellness education and opportunities.  Through this, the goal is to help them get not just jobs, but successful and rewarding careers.



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