Stolen Valor

False claims of service, along with exaggerated claims of service, are a serious problem and an affront to all who have honorably served. Any program participant, volunteer, or employee who is found to have falsely claimed service or to have falsely represented or otherwise embellished their service will be terminated from the program, employment, or volunteer service immediately.  In the case of program participants, Mission: VALOR reserves the right to seek return of any or all funds expended on the participant and/or family members; and, in the case of volunteer or employee, an immediate investigation will be undertaken to ensure that no funds or other services were inappropriately received by the person in question as a result of the Stolen Valor claims.  If funds, services, goods, or other items of value were received by the volunteer or employed party as a result of the Stolen Valor claim, Mission: VALOR reserves the right to seek return of the items or cash value of same.  In addition, any participant, volunteer, or employee found to have engaged in Stolen Valor will be reported to all appropriate authorities for law enforcement investigation; and, the information will be shared with Stolen Valor information centers.

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