Program Participation

Participation in programs operated or sponsored by Mission: VALOR is limited to members of the U.S. Armed Forces (Active, Reserve, Guard, other as defined by the Department of Defense); their immediate families, non-immediate family or non-familial person(s) acting as caregiver, caretaker, or other similar position; and, as allowed by law and availability, similar persons of current or former allies of the U.S. military.


OTH Separation Participation

“Sin lies not in falling down, but in failing to get back up again.”

Separation from service with an other-than-honorable, dishonorable, or other similar discharge does not automatically bar participation in Mission: VALOR programs, service as a volunteer, or employment.

However, to ensure safety and security, and to safeguard the good name and reputation of Mission: VALOR, partners, and affiliated organizations, persons with less-than-honorable discharge status who desire to be a part of Mission: VALOR will be required to go through a special review process.  This process will include both written and in-person responses that will be evaluated by a panel of veterans and senior officers of Mission: VALOR.  The process will be developed by the Officers of Mission: VALOR along with others chosen by them at need; and, the process will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and approved by the Board for adoption.  At adoption, it will be in effect immediately and appended here in the next revision of this manual.

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