While we are building and getting ready to incorporate, leadership is provided by an Executive Leadership Committee (ELC).  This ELC will become the core of a National Advisory Board.  A formal Board of Directors will be formed at incorporation.

The ELC Consists of:

•  Pat Gualtieri, Executive Director, United War Veterans Council

• Marleen Levi, Communications Director, United War Veterans Council

•  Carl Churchill, CEO, Lock-N-Load Java

Chris Page

Chris Page

•  Chris Page, CEO, Army Week Association is the CEO and Founder of Army Week Association and, until recently, was Manager of Citi Salutes, a U.S. based program designed to support military veterans and their families in communities across the country by promoting greater access to financial services that meet the unique needs of our military veterans; supporting professional development, recruiting and mentoring programs; supporting community organizations that benefit military veterans and families; and providing a support network for retired and active-duty employees and those with deployed friends or relatives. He is a veteran of the United States Army and currently serving in the Army Reserves.  He is also a longtime advocate for veterans’ issues in the greater New York City community — roles which would later lead to his position with Citi Salutes and, later, Army Week Association.

•  Michael Z. Williamson, Author and Business Owner

•  C. Blake Powers, Consultant, former CEO Cooking with the Troops

•  Robin Wallace, Social, Video & Digital Content Strategy, Hearst Digital Media

•  Bill Biggar, Founder, SudokuPDQ LLC

•  Alexander Pournelle, Vice President, Business Development, Location Connect

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