Employment is a major challenge for troops and veterans, and one that will only increase given the planned draw downs.  The unemployment rate for recent veterans is still above seven percent, possibly as high as ten percent, or as many as 246,000 young veterans according to the Council of Economic Advisors and other sources.  The Army alone plans to drop to 490,000 troops, and to do this will force out at least 42,000 more troops.  These are the official estimates, and outside sources indicate that in excess of 70,000 troops – not including officers — will be forced out of service.

Mission: VALOR began as discussions during the summer of 2013, and in December of 2013 an Executive Leadership Committee was created to evaluate the need, and potential support, for a charity to focus on veteran employment.  The need was clear, and support was promised, so the decision was made in January 2014 to create Mission: VALOR to provide practical steps to bridge the gaps in veteran empoyment.  The flagship effort focuses on arranging practicums, internships, and mentors for veterans and family members who are seeking careers in the booming Atlanta-based Film and Television industry.  In addition, Mission: VALOR seeks to provide participants, family members, and wounded warriors with whole-life wellness training.

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