Three Most Urgent Needs

Well, besides coffee…

We are a new charity, and need a lot.  However, right now we need three things more than anything else: donated space in NYC; donations; and, you!

We are not typical or traditional, so we are not looking for a traditional office.  We would not turn that down, but we are not limited to that.  In fact, what we would love to do is find some space in the Southstreet Seaport area that we could put some “sweat equity” into as well as time and energy, so that by being there we can help in efforts to restore and revitalize that area.  That said, it could be a former bank, bistro, store front, loft, boat, barge, or warehouse — the only thing that matters is that we have access to power, a restroom (with shower ideal!), cell signal, and can legally be there and get mail at that address.

Donations should go without saying.  We need funds for everything from office supplies to postage, electricity to stipends for program participants.  Cash can easily be donated here, and if you don’t want to do cash since our 501(c)(3) application is not (yet) approved, consider gift cards to Staples, Amazon, WalMart, or even Fairway Market or Trader Joe’s (got to get coffee somewhere, and we need coffee!).

Most of all, we need you.  We need volunteers to help us organize, market, and grow.  We also are seeking a volunteer with event planning experience to help us with a major event involving another charity.  In short, we need you!  Please volunteer!