Launch Party By (& At) The Baroness

Come One, Come All!

Come One, Come All!

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What’s better than incorporating and getting things moving?  Having The Baroness offer not just to host a launch party on Thursday 27 March to celebrate our start, but offer to donate the grand prize for a raffle to be held at the event.

Tickets are $10, and that includes a free beer.  You are, of course, welcome to buy as many $10 tickets as you like.  If, however, you just want to increase your odds in the drawings, you can purchase additional tickets (after the first $10 ticket) for $5 each or six tickets for $20.

The grand prize in the drawing will be the chance to learn how to use a saber to open a bottle of champagne, and doing so on a bottle donated by The Baroness.  There will be photographs, special beer glasses, and more for the drawings.  Check back here for updates on some of the prizes, but to truly see what’s being offered — come on out!

To buy tickets in advance, you can Click Here to buy via Square; or click on our new PayPal link here to the right and pay.  If you are not sure PayPal worked, or it didn’t let you say what you wanted, drop an e-mail using the contact link and we will work it out.

Another option for people in NYC, drop me a line and I will be glad to meet you in the City to collect payment and hand you tickets in advance.

Or, you can buy tickets the night of the 27th on site.  The party runs officially from 7-9 pm, but I plan on getting there early.  Come on out, buy a ticket, get some additional drinks and food, and enjoy a great evening out.


Come One, Come All!

Come One, Come All!


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