Adam Baldwin Joins National Advisory Board for Mission: VALOR


Mission: VALOR is pleased to announce that actor Adam Baldwin has joined their National Advisory Board. While he will be assisting on a variety of fronts, his focus will be on assisting the development of Operation Audie/Task Force DeForest.

Mr. Baldwin began his career in 1980, and came to prominence for his role in Full Metal Jacket. Since then, he has worked in more than 100 film and television projects, and is best known for his performances in Firefly, Independence Day, Chuck, and his current series, The Last Ship.

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Naming & Donations

First, more than ever we need your help.  We are launching our new Indiana Operations Center and more.  Your donations are urgently needed so we can move out as fast as possible.

Second, we are going to be offering naming opportunities with our new Indiana Operations Center.  If you are interested, we have opportunities for companies, organizations, and even individuals.  Contact us for details.

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Veteran’s Day Parade


Our Limited Edition Shirt

Our Limited Edition Shirt

Thanks to Crop Production Services (and the talented team at Freckles Graphics), we will have t-shirts for the first 20 people to arrive at 27th Street between Madison & Park (enter via Park) on Tuesday the 11th at 1300/1 pm.  First come, first served.  Look for our CEO Blake Powers with the Mission: VALOR banner and join up!  

We are scheduled to be taking part in the NYC Veteran’s Day Parade this year, and we want you to walk with us!  If you care to join us, simply click this to send an email and give us your name and if anyone will be joining you.  We are glad to have you and to have your help in spreading the word.

We are also pleased to announce that Crop Production Services has donated 20+ limited edition t-shirts that will be given to the first people to show up at the parade.

Please note, participation is at your own risk and expense. That said, we do hope you will join us.

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Thank You Home Depot of Lafayette, IN!


Mission: VALOR wants to thank Home Depot of Lafayette and Operations Manager Dayna Scalone for donating the paint and supplies for our new Indiana Operations Center! They even included some cleaning supplies so we can keep things looking nice in the days to come.

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Indiana Operations Center

Our new office

Our new office

UPDATE:  We have more wonderful news to share soon, and possibly a challenge too.  Meantime, we are NOT moving or painting this Friday.  Standby. 

We are pleased to announce that a Letter of Intent has been accepted, and we will soon be opening our Indiana Operations Center in Indianapolis.  Located on 10th Street not too far from central Indianapolis, this brand-new office has already had office furniture donated.  Now, we need your help to get it up and running as fast as possible.

We need volunteers to help us get the donated furniture in Lafayette, Indiana on Friday morning, deliver it to Indianapolis, move it in, and help paint (we hope) the currently bare walls of this brand-new office.  We also need donations so we can get minor things like phones, office equipment, and the other things that will make it hum.  If you can help move or paint, drop us a line and join in.  If you want to help but can’t be here, please donate today!

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We are pleased to announce that Mission: VALOR will be at Goodstock this Saturday.  Check out all the great acts, a great mission, and a good time!


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In Memory Bright: Donald R. Golden


Mission: VALOR honors and remembers Donald R. Golden, U.S. Army veteran.  Donald proudly served his country in Vietnam, earning a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

Donations made to Mission: VALOR in honor of Donald have resulted in our creating a Wall of Honor where we will remember him and others who have donations made in their memory.  We are humbled that his family has asked that donations be made to us in lieu of flowers, and we will do our best to pay it forward by helping his fellow veterans, our troops, family members, and caregivers.

Godspeed Donald.

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Major Changes To The Art Contest

Based on suggestions and recommendations from artists, we are pleased to announce some major changes to our art contest.   In addition to changes on rights and file types, we are extending the contest and are pleased to announce that Crossroads Cigars, Madison Rising, and Star City Coffee and Ale are adding prizes to the prize basket.  You can read the official press release here, and we’ve updated the contest page as well.

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Lafayette, IN Fundraiser!

Sticky, scroll down for latest news!

We are pleased to announce that Logan’s Roadhouse (3840 South Street) in Lafayette, IN is hosting a fundraiser for Mission: VALOR on Wednesday 3 September from 4 until closing.  Here’s the event listing on Facebook.

The process is simple:  you dine during those hours and simply present a free ticket/coupon to your server, and Logan’s will then donate a portion of your before tax total to us.  The more who participate, the higher the percentage — up to twenty percent!

You can get the free tickets/coupons at:

Village Bottle Shop in West Lafayette at 404 Sagamore Parkway

Star City Coffee and Ale at 210 Main Street in Lafayette (bulletin board)

Von’s Music at 317 West State (near Purdue campus) in West Lafayette

Crossroads Cigars at 604 Columbia Street in Lafayette

June Palms at 215 S. 18th Street in Lafayette

American Legion Post 492 at 4929 St. Road 43N in West Lafayette

(SOON) Bob Rohrman Toyota at 3900 St. Road 26 in Lafayette

Our thanks to Logan’s and to the wonderful businesses helping us get the tickets and word out!

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Robin Williams, Our Troops, and an Appeal

Posted by Jenna Wilkins Perminas

I am sure your social media feed has been flooded with the news of Robin Williams’s death. His nearly three-decade career in the entertainment industry has enriched all of our lives no doubt- but what struck me the most was his dedication to our troops; it was unwavering. He allowed us to divert the grim reality of war, even just for an evening, to a world of laughter.

His death brings me to a larger epidemic that I believe we need to discuss. Some folks believe that suicide is a selfish and a cowardly act- and they are entitled to their opinion. However, depression is not a condition to which one wakes up to and shouts “depression; come and get me!” It is invasive and relentless in its goal of permanently demoralizing an individual. You can look at depression as a parasite; once it finds a host, it will progressively deprive the miracle fiber called courage (as George Patton liked to say). Critics labeling suicide as a selfish and cowardly act is not only insulting the deceased; but are adding to the ignorance that depression does not discriminate. It could happen to your loved one. It could happen to you.

We have all been through those days when we are feeling completely miserable; and the only feasible course of action at that moment might be to whale uncontrollably, or kick someone in the nuts. Don’t confuse those temporary emotions with clinically diagnosed depression.

No matter how strong your conviction about suicide, do not tell a veteran’s family that their loved one was a selfish coward. An individual who has not served in the military will never understand the catastrophic and hopelessness one might face; not only in a combat environment but upon returning home as well. Before veterans can transition and have successful careers, they need to be mentally tough; capable of being resilient and triumph over obstacles that they WILL encounter in the civilian world. Asking for help is the most courageous thing one can do, and to stigmatize that action only goes to show the true price of ignorance.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, an average of 22 veterans take their life everyday- that is one veteran every 65 minutes. This number is based only on the 21 states (40% of the U.S. population) that participated; while California, Texas, and llinois’ data was not included. There are also veteran suicides that failed to be reported as suicides. Nearly one in five suicides nationally is a veteran, even though veterans make up about 10% of the U.S. population, a News21 analysis reports.

We must not forget that veteran suicide is not only the government’s responsibility, but also OUR responsibility as society. We need to change the public stigma of suicide for ALL human beings. Do not judge, unless you have walked a mile in their shoes. A simple phone call or a tap on the shoulder can mean the difference in life and death.

There are plenty of resources out there for people needing assistance. For veterans, here are just a few links.

Ranger-Up Talks Suicide Archive

Vets 4 Warriors

Make The Connection/Suicide

Veteran Crisis Line

VA Suicide Prevention

Suicide Outreach

Veterans Call


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